Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ordering Christmas presents online

I am so frustrated!!! Every time I wanted to go Christmas shopping my husband wanted to go with me. I love spending time with him so I would always happily agree. However, I never could get his gift because if he knew I wanted to go to Cabela's he would instantly know what he is getting - a gps unit. So I decided to order it online which is my most very favorite way to shop - at least until now. I was being sneaky, so I had it sent to my workplace. Today I discovered that the day it is arriving is Friday and our workplace is not open on Friday!!! What am I going to do????? I am trying to get UPS to change the delivery address and it may work but I won't know until Thursday. This is killing me!!! My husband won't have a gift to open on Christmas if I can't make this work. :(


Summer said...

Oh no! I hope it works out for you. That's the same present I got my husband for Christmas last year...and he loves it!

Your husband doesn't read your blog, does he? LOL!!!

I like your blog.

Robin said...

Thanks! I hope he loves it. And no he doesn't read my blog - he has asked for the url but for some reason I have hesitated to give it to him! I don't know why because I don't keep anything from him - but I guess I just desire to have something so personal just to myself (and all you fellow pastor's wives) for a while!LOL