Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Top 12

Well, okay then. Due to the dryness of my brain in regards to finding material to blog about, I am about to enter a realm that is completely out of my comfort zone. But first I have to make a confession. I love American Idol. I was going to say that I watch American Idol with my teenage daughter - you know, being interested in what she is interested in and that kind of thing. But the honest truth is, I love watching talented young people grow and stretch and become better than they were before. I find it fascinating. It is an amazing process. To see these people work so hard to refine their God given gift is encouraging and humbling all at the same time. The brutal, yet constructively honest critiques they face each week would be enough to make me hide my face never to be seen again. But not these folks. They listen to it, think about it, and most often use it to their advantage. I really admire them. Well, most of them.

Now, I realize I am hovering dangerously close to the half century mark and my musical taste and knowledge may be out of touch in regards to the younger set. So my evaluations are for those of us who, well, let's just say we have had more years to listen to music and develop some taste expertise. Kind of a fun twist - don't you think? So here we go - my evaluations of last nights top 12.

It was Beatles night. Let's just say I'm not a big fan of the Beatles. Never was. But never mind that. At least I was able to recognize the songs.

Syesha Mercado - sang 'Got to Get You Into My Life'. This little gal is sweet and has an infectious smile. I don't know if it's just me but I always think she starts a bit off key. I thought so with this song too. She got going with it in the middle - but I don't think she is going to get far if she doesn't step it up a notch.

Chikezie - sang "She's A Woman'. My goodness. This guy is fun. And he has one name. Aren't you practically guaranteed to be a star if you only have one name? I love Chikezie and even more I love his mother. Do you watch her in the audience? This lady is awesome. She can sing and dance and she has RHYTHM with a capital R. She loves her boy. I vote for Chikezie because he has a good mom. He did an awesome job too - he was just pure fun to watch.

Ramiele Malubay - sang 'In My Life'. This girl has the most beautiful lips and I love her lip gloss. She has a lovely voice - but her song just didn't imprint itself into my brain. She needs to expand into something a bit more exciting.

Jason Castro - 'If I Fell'. What a cutie pie. Now it must be said that I am no fan of dredlocks. But this boy, this boy just makes me want to adopt him. I think he just has the sweetest soul. He looks kind and he is not stuck on himself. He is not comfortable with all the attention and that alone makes me love him. And his voice just melts my heart. I would love to see him in the final two. He is the real deal.

Carly Smithson - 'Come Together'. No doubt about it. This girl can sing. She did a great job with her song and wowed the judges and the audience. She has a lovely Irish accent. I like her but she is a bit to "rock-y" for my taste.

David Cook ' 'Eleanor Rigby'. I don't really get his music. But I'm sure it's an age thing. I just don't connect with him or any of the songs he has sung. And I get distracted my his hair. I'm sorry. He just isn't my choice.

Brooke White - 'Let It Be'. This sweet girl is awesome and pure music. I love her voice and her attitude. She is so sweet she can probably cause cavities. She doesn't have to depend on anything but her voice. I think she and Jason Castro are much alike and she is the other one I would like to see in the final two.

David Hernandez -'I Saw Her Standing There'. Hmmm. I find myself trying to remember his performance. I guess that's all I need to say.

Amanda Overmyer 'You Can't Do That'. My problem with Amanda is that all her songs sound exactly the same. I think it's her very distinct voice. She is a very interesting person and she seems to be strong in who she is. But I think one song is enough - then I have heard them all. Sorry Amanda.

Michael John - 'Across the Universe' Not too much impression with Michael. I don't think he is going to go very much further in the contest.

Kristi Lee Cook- 'Eight Days a Week'. Oh. My. Goodness. That was just agonizing to listen too. She tried to put a country spin on this song and it was a mess. I just felt so bad for her. Poor Kristi - that was just a very bad choice. But you have really pretty hair Kristi - really pretty.

David Archuleta - 'We Can Work It Out'. What a sweetie pie. I felt so bad for him when he forgot some words although he covered it up well. He told everyone he was not comfortable with his song choice and then he proved to us he wasn't. But this boy will go far.


I think Kristi Lee Cook is going to be the one to go home this week. There is just nothing that is going to rescue her from that really sad performance.

Favorites: Brooke and Jason.

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Melzie said...

She is so sweet she can probably cause cavities---

THAT is dead on LOL :) I loved reading your reviews! I look forward to next weeks :D xoxo melzie

Becky said...

Oh, look! I can comment on this. I have NEVER watched American Idol until this season. Y'all convinced me it was worth it. I've missed one show of the guys in the initial round.

Well, here is my take.

YOU ARE RIGHT ON!! Every one of your comments are the same as mine. I think Krisi is Histri! Ya know? And I do remember David Hernandez's performance which was, in a word, forgettable.

Chikeezie (I spelled that wrong) was so fun. And my favorites are Brook and the dred locks fellow. They just take me in.

So there you go. From someone with NO experience in this AI craze.

Becky said...

Oh, I have to say that my favorite part of the whole night was when they showed Brooke's feet. She plays the piano barefooted. Be still my heart.

Teri said...

Thanks for your thoughts! It is interesting to see that you and I totally agreed on a couple (Jason, Brooke, Amanda) & totally disagreed on others (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE David Cook & I loved Carly's rock spin). Poor David A - I hope he gets it together for next week.

Barb said...

You did a great job of summing last night up, Robin. I totally agree with everything you said.

I think either Kristi Lee or David Hernandez will go home tonight. He was completely forgetable and she absolutely destroyed the song she sang.

From the very beginning, my favorite has been Brooke. I like everything about her.

ashlynn310 said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It seems as though for a few minor differences, everyone is feeling the same this week!

Dawn said...

I agree, too. I love love Brooke - her smile, her voice, her talent, her "niceness." Her tenderness last night. She's great. I wish the dreds would go, but he has gorgeous eyes and an awesome voice and attitude. Wish the rocker Janis Joplin nurse would go byebye. Her voice feels like fingernails on the chalk board. I love little David - too bad he didn't choose a better song last night. I agree about the David Cook hair thing. And the glittery top with the torn up jeans? Not a good look, not to mention the country spin of the song - Lennon would turn over in his grave!

I wish Kristen had time to blog on this subject - she's really good. And she hasn't even had time to develop a favorite this year! They really are good this year.

gail@more than a song said...

I love Idol too! I think you are right on with what you said, I agree. I like Brooke too and really like David Archuletta but he wasn't as good last night. I found a site that monitors the calls and predicts who'll go, let me know if you want me to email it to you...looks like it could be Hernandez or Syesha or Kristy tonight according to it but really with this many people in it, it's not as accurate.

Mishel said...

I agreed with everything you said about each contestant. And now we know Kristi Lee Cook didn't go home--which was the big shocker this week. She really should have been the one to go.

Judy said...

Okay, the next time you watch...Look at David Archuleta (sp?) and think of him as a teenage version of Grayson! Really! They have got the exact same smile! So I'm rooting for him! (and I love your 2 faves, too)