Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So is everyone as hooked as I am in watching the Olympics? I can't get enough of it. I don't remember watching the Olympics as a kid, in fact the very first and the most special Olympics I remember is the winter Olympics in 1980.

My first baby had been born on February 10 and my mom flew out to take care of us and every evening we would curl up on the sofa in the living room and watch the US Hockey team and Eric Heiden and his sister Beth as they skated around and around and around that ice rink. And the ice skating - oh my - it was amazing to watch such beautiful graceful talent. I cried when Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner had to withdraw because of his injury.

It was such a happy time for me personally. That was when my love affair for all things Olympic began.There is just something amazing about watching people who are so driven and so talented and so focused on achieving a goal.

I find it amusing that watching the Olympics makes a person want to start think about starting an exercise program. Oh to be so young again.

And how about the 41 year old woman who won a silver in her swimming competition. You go girl! I think there is also an older man there competing with his son-in-law. But by far the Olympics belong to the young and the strong Michael Phelps' and Shawn Johnsons'. And it belongs to all of us who like to live our lives vicariously through them.

My favorite events are the women's gymnastics. I love watching those girls do seemingly impossible maneuvers on all that equipment.

My arrival time at work in the morning has been suffering greatly this week - I just can't get to bed on time - not when I have to see if Michael has won another gold medal. Not when I have to see if the US gymnastic team might outdo the Chinese.

However, I do have some questions about the Olympics. Just some observations on my part.

1. Why do the women beach volleyball players wear next to nothing and the guys dress appropriately in shorts and tanks? Falling down in that sand with next to nothing on can't feel all that good. I'm just saying.

2. Who on God's green earth really believes those little Chinese gymnastic girls are 16? You've got to be kidding - I'm guessing they are between 8 and 12 years old. The announcers were saying their passports stated they are 16. Helloooo - can anybody say forgery? Why do we not push this envelope a little more? Why aren't we complaining more?

3. During the swimming competitions who are the men in suits who walk up and down the length of the pool and what is their job?

4. Does anybody understand the new gymnastic scoring procedures? Anybody?

5. And finally, has anybody noticed some of the women swimmers seem to be missing eyebrows? I have looked closely and it almost seems like they are taped over or shaved. I have to say this really bothers me. Please tell me this isn't going to be the next fashion trend. Ewww....


Jayson said...

About swimmers with no eyebrows... I've heard most competitive swimmers shave off all of their hair... arms, legs, eyebrows, etc. I guess it is supposed to make the swimmer have less resistance in the water. Seems like a pretty big sacrifice to make for looking like a doofus.

Kathy S. said...

Hi Robin!! time to visit the nest!!

I was bothered by the volleyball outfits too. (glad I don't play volleyball!! SCARY!)

Confession (please don't think I am a scrooge-it's just lack of ?)
The only thing I like to watch is the gymnasts. But I think I miss it because I am not paying attention. I think I'll have to start! It seems I am missing alot after reading your post!

jayson's comment made me laugh!

Barb said...

I asked the same question. Why on earth are the women volleyball players practically naked? Seems completely unnecessary to me. I don't think any of us really believes they're actually at the "beach."

Have you noticed some of the men from other countries (gymnasts) shave their armpits? For some reason, that gags me.

Gymnastics is by far my favorite, probably because both my girls were gymnasts and I attended more meets than I can count. I liked it a lot better when the ultimate score was TEN. I think it's seventeen now. It's so weird, I may Google it to figure it out.

Yes, I'm addicted to the Olympics too. Staying up way too late every night and the TV is on all day long. Thank goodness they only last two weeks!

Dawn said...

I haven't watched any this time around. I think I'm afraid of getting hooked and staying up too late and watching all day. I miss the human interest stories, though. That's my favorite part. DC has been staying up late every night, and having a hard time getting up at 5:30.

Dawn said...

But -- I love the winter part the best - and I too cried when Tai and Randy had to drop out. So sad. And also remember Eric and Beth. Those were good times.

Mishel said...

We LOVE the Olympics in our house! In fact, we didn't have cable for most of our kids' growing up years, but Rande would ALWAYS get it turned on for the Olympics. Both of us watched when we were kids, so we didn't want ours to miss out. : )

My favorite event is the swimming. Rande was a competitive swimmer in high school and would shave his whole body (I know), so I'm wondering if that's why they shave their eyebrows?

Truth4thejourney said...

The men walking up and down in suits are probably the Turns and Strokes Refs. I know they had those when my kids did swim team this year. That's how they get disqualifie (DQ'd) from incorrect strokes or premature turns. :)

They volleyball outfits made me laugh out loud! I had just said something to my hubby last night about it!

We love the olympics here, too! Just some fun competition.

gail@more than a song said...

Oh we SO loved the Olympics at our house! And my sleep has suffered. We had some of these same discussions too! My oldest son thinks he should now be the one to decide which sports will be olympic events; some of them are just odd. As much as I loved it, I'm almost glad it's over so I can get something else done!