Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Much Would You Pay for a Box of Love?

The good news is that my kids finally received their package in Peru.

The bad news is that they had to pay $75 to get it from the Peruvian Post Office.


When Michelle went to the post office to get the package they made her open it in front of them. Then the man went through a book to determine the tax on each item in the box. Honestly - homemade cookies? Taxed?

He finally decided that the cost would be $75 and told her that after looking in the box "there wasn't anything in there worth $75 so she probably didn't want it" as he started to take the box away from her.

Well, my homesick girl didn't care what was in the box. It was from home and by golly he was not going to take it away from her. So she paid the tax.

We are both sick about it. But I'm trying to focus on the fact that they got it. The post man was right - economically speaking there wasn't anything in that box worth the $53 postage or the $75 tax. But emotionally speaking, how do you put a price on a box of love? You can't.

Unless you live in Peru. Peru can figure it out. Apparently a 14 pound box of love costs exactly $128. Who knew?

But at least my sweet boy has a birthday present from his Mia and Poppa to open on his birthday. And he has homemade cookies straight from Mia's kitchen! And some new clothes and even some Easter toys. My girl has a new book (a new Yada Yada story) and some magazines to read as she munches on her Rice Krispie Treats. My son-in-law has some Montreal Steak Seasoning to grill with. And they have lots of salt and pepper as well as Ranch Dressing packets - you know, the things in life that make everything better!

Michelle said the people at the post office were laughing at her as she tried to re-pack the box. I knew it wasn't possible. It took me all afternoon to get all of this:

to look like this:


Renna said...

Well, that just stinks. :-(

I'm so fortunate to be able to mail my overseas daughter's packages to a military base, and pay standard US shipping.

Well, at least you do have the internet to be thankful for (as I'm sure you are), to stay in close contact.

Dawn said...

Wow, that is some expensive salt and pepper (Dr. and otherwise!). But I know the thrill of receiving that stuff was priceless, as they say in that commercial. What a great bunch of stuff!

Karen said...

What a scam by the Peruvian government. I'm sure those postal workers would have just loved to get their hands on what was in that box! That's so disappointing, but I'm glad your daughter kept every single bit of it.

Barb said...

Oh my word, Robin, I can't believe that. I never heard of such a ripoff in my life and I'd be furious. Poor thing - I can't believe they laughed at her.

What a crying shame. I feel awful for all of you. But at least they got your package and can enjoy all the thoughfulness that went into it. Let's hope it lasts a while - I sure wouldn't be sending any more packages to Peru!

Matt Zimmerman said...

That is horrible! $75 dollars! When Matt was in New Zealand I mailed him a big box of candy that cost me $30, but your story takes the cake! At least it made it and everything in it will be well worth having at $128! Ava was adorable in her Easter dress. What a cutie!


gail@more than a song said...

75 dollars, OH MY! That is stinking unbelievable and so much postage too. I'm glad she got it all. Is there some other way to get around all of that, because it just seems to hard to not mail boxes when they will be there for a while.

Karen said...

I'm sorry. It always takes the first package to know and understand the country. Do they have a certain amount that can be sent before it is taxed?
In vanuatu the package and postage cannot be over 75 dollar after that they can tax it. I'm very careful what amounts I put on the immagration form. We are blessed they have only opened the package a couple of times.